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Yoga with me.

Movement is a gift. For me, it's one of life's greatest.

Growing up in the suburbs on New York City, I danced. My extension and turnout was never the best in the class, but I loved how dance made me feel! After graduating college, I discovered yoga. I took first to the dance-like vinyasa practice. Then, I did my teacher training in Sivananda yoga. Training in Kerala, India, I soaked in the traditions of ashram life, waking every morning before dawn to meditate, studying the Bhagavad Gita, practicing yoga for four hours a day.


At the heart of the Sivananda practice is relaxation. Only when the body is relaxed can it stretch. Off the mat, I've found that relaxation is a best practice for the mind too. Only when the mind is relaxed can it open to creativity and generosity.  Practicing now for half my life, my yoga has changed. But one thing has been consistent. It's all about grace. Grace of movement. Grace of spirit.


Today I teach gentle yoga and I am a graduate of Yoga Detour's DMO training. You'll find elements of slow flow, functional movement exercises and mindfulness in my classes. It's gentle, not easy. A practice for the body and soul.

Weekly classes at:: Naperville Park District and
Edward-Elmhurst Health and Fitness


9:30am - Gentle Yoga (Naperville Park District)

11:30am - NeuroFlex Yoga (Naperville Park District)

1:45pm - Chair Yoga (Edward-Elmhurst Health and Fitness) 

9:30am - Gentle Yoga (Naperville Park District)

9:30am -
Yoga Gold (Naperville Park District)
10:30am -Yoga Gold (Fort Hill Fitness)
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